Currently its use is residential and the PGOU also supports residential complementary uses such as:a) Industrial on the ground floor and lower on the groundb) Tertiary– Lodging, in any plant with independent access– Commercial on the ground floor and lower on the ground– Offices on the ground floor, lower to lower and first– Recreational on the ground floor and lower to low– Dotacional on the ground floor, lower than low and first

CHANGE OF USEThe uses that are allowed are:In exclusive building (with Special Plan processing)– Dotacional in all its classes.– Recreational in the category of Shows.– Hotelier.Authoritative uses– Industrial ground floor and lower floor.– Commercial tertiary, if it is in an exclusive building situation, the commercial would have a limit of4000 m2, implementing other authorized tertiary uses until the building is exhausted.– Offices in first floor situation– Recreative admitting a restaurant on the first floor with direct access from the ground floor.– Other tertiary uses in the first floor– Dotacional on the first floor.

The implementation of uses in the basement is always conditioned to the ground floor of the building, with which it must be linked in an indissoluble way. The same condition will apply for the implementation of commercial use in the basement and first floor, it must be accessed directly from the ground floor without using the common elements of the building