Finca nº 1, corresponds to the Hotel that consists of 6 double rooms, 3 dining rooms, living room or exhibition, reception, kitchen, storage rooms, and bathrooms (ground floor), swimming pool, party room (semi-basement floor) that has a constructed area of ​​approx. 1,100m2., And with land of about 20,000m2.

Finca nº2, block of 8 apartments with an area of ​​380m2 approx. in plant low and 4 double apartments on the first floor being the total area of ​​250m2 approx., in semi-basement floor garages, storage rooms, cellar … etc 400 m2. Total would be 1,030 m2 built, and land of about 9,000m2.

Total accommodation capacity between the two farms is 44 and 52 people.

Currently Finca n.2 is leased to an Association (Board of Andalusia) with a contract of one to five years (Renewable). The Finca would remain n.1 with six rooms with accommodation capacity of 12/16 people.

Capacity of dining rooms 200 people approx. (We have an expansion project approved for the restaurant of 150 people more).

Own water with a well that gives about 8 liters per second and, obviously, also water from theTown hall.

The fully equipped property is delivered to follow the activity and income demonstrable Since eight years we have collaborated with two Asian Tour Operators with contracts and renewed until 2020. We have an average of 400 people per month (in months of winter the number of diners is lower, evidently in the months spring / summer is superior).