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Confidence for real estate investors during uncertain times

Confidence for real estate investors during uncertain times

This is a time when things are unstable and there is a sense of unease floating in the air for investors.

Each market segment is highlighted below, from a credit perspective.

CMBS Markets (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities):

This is an area of ​​loans for investment properties from 2 to 100 million in size. The format here is to reserve the loan and then group it together to sell as a securitization. If you are in a buying situation, start negotiating with your sellers now … don’t wait.

Life insurance company markets:

Life insurance companies are generally balance lenders and focus on traditional office, retail, industrial and apartment loans. They should be used as much as possible as a recommendation.

Bank markets:

Banks generally focus on opportunities with long-term clients. His approach is to obtain commercial deposits, so the recommendation is to be proactive in business.

SBA markets
If you are in a sector vulnerable to this crisis, lenders to small businesses will always be proactive and look for options as support in addition to negotiating with these types of providers.

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