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No. We have investments that are not on the platform since they are out of market and are very confidential, in case of an investment request you can fill out the form.

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If there is any real interest in any investment within our platform such as Hotels, Factories, Companies or Brands, Investment Projects, it would be obligatory to send LOI (Letter of Intent), since most of the investments are confidential and are not allowed to give information on such investments except through the demonstration of actual investor and intention to purchase.

Investment Interest Form. Enter.

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Yes. It is intended for the client who may have learned or seen an investment that interests him or her, but for certain reasons does not trust the existence and veracity of such investment, as well as the information that the future investor has.

We carry out a preliminary study of the investment that we intend to verify, and a budget is provided to the client detailing the tasks to be carried out and the documentation that will be provided for the said investment. Once the client has signed and accepted the budget, the www.lordinvestor.com team comes into play, making a visit to the investment site, carrying out a photographic report of the existing one and collecting the information and documentation necessary for the preparation of the final report. Will deliver to the client with the certification of the investment, either positive or negative.

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Yes. Intended for investors or clients who do not know the country where the purchase of the investment is made and for what you require from the services of www.lordinvestor.com, from where we will provide legal advice, preparation of legal documents in the language that is stipulated , Counting with sworn translators, accompaniment to the different estates until the final signature in Notary, to make effective the purchase sale of the investment.

In the same way as the previous ones, a budget will be issued that must be approved by the client or agent duly identified, for the management of these services. In the event of a purchase or sale of an investment through www.lordinvestor.com, this service would be included in the commissions previously agreed upon.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Why do investments have little information?” el_id=”1480586339275-1108abdb-eb77″]Most investments are confidential and the information is not allowed on such investments except through the real investor demonstration and purchase intent.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How can I add an investment in the platform?” el_id=”1480586338602-33068ae8-bb4b”]

Add investment to the platform:


1. Register as a user. Click here
2. Once registered between to My account … My profile

3.Once www.lordinvestor.com receives the request of collaborating agent will be reviewed by our administrators and in case of acceptance will be sent an email approving him as a collaborating agent and so you can upload investments in the platform unlimited.

  • Important the images will be of good quality. Investments that contain logos, brands, personal data, as well as any information that the entity discloses will not be accepted.
  • Once the investment has been increased, it will be reviewed by the www.lordinvestor.com administrators and in case of approval it will be accepted on the platform.


How to add an investment:



As a collaborating agent in lordinvestor.com:

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Add confidential investment to the platform:

  • We understand that investments that are completely confidential for example Hotels, companies, brands, factories etc .. and it is not recommended to add more information than normal, in this case no images will be added if the user decides so, we will simply move from the field leaving it empty and the platform system will assign an image by default.
  • Important the images will be of good quality. Investments that contain logos, brands, personal data, as well as any information that the entity discloses will not be accepted.
  • Once the investment has been increased, it will be reviewed by the LORDINVESTOR administrators and in case of approval it will be accepted on the platform.

For more information about belonging to lordinvestor.com as a collaborating agent or delegation. Thank you

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Format used and known as letter of intent, is made by the buyer and sent to the seller as a promise of real interest in your product (Letter of Intent). To see an example, click here


A POF, known as Proof of Funds, is nothing more than a bank document that credits the client’s funds. This type of document is valid for 5 banking days.
Said POF must be signed by two bank officials and stamped by the bank itself, in addition to declaring that the cash is good, of course. To see an example, click here

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User register:

To register as a user the platform lordinvestor.com follow these steps: acontinuacion show a video example of a guide.

1. Register as a user. Click here