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Funds and investors looking for bargains

Funds and investors looking for bargains

All crises have recurring elements and one of them is usually the arrival of opportunistic funds and investors. It is part of the logic of their business: they look for assets and businesses that lose part of their value in times of recession, they buy them cheaper, they inject capital into them and after time, when they revalue, they get rid of them with the profit acquired in that period of time.

It was already after 2008, when the bursting of the housing bubble brought prices down and now real estate and financial sources admit that there are investors studying the different markets.

At the real estate level, hotels and logistics properties are positioned as two of the most coveted assets; the former, because the crisis in tourism is expected to lower their prices and force entrepreneurs to sell, and the latter, due to the expectation of consolidation of e-commerce after the experience of the closure.

We will see consolidation and movements between companies and also the entry of risk capital in many of them more leveraged, taking advantage of precisely that urgency to stay afloat.
Infrastructures and construction are two of the sectors most prone to this scenario and movements are also expected in the agricultural, logistics and healthcare sectors, which can be very interesting for investors with available money.

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