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المنصة العالميه للاستثمارات المربحة - International Profitable Investment Platform

Rebound in construction industry due to public works

The construction industry worldwide will have a rebound due to public investments, in order to accelerate the different economies that have been slowed down in the current context. Regarding private investments, different opportunities will be found due to low interest rates, as well as the availability of human resources; and in relation to private investment, […]

Logistics and healthcare, the most attractive segments for international investment.

The coronavirus has caused large international funds to have to redo their investment plans in real estate and their priorities have turned towards the assets that have shown greater resistance to the crisis and, therefore, are considered more defensive. Logistics and health care assets have gained the most appeal, which highlights that these segments “have […]

Funds and investors looking for bargains

All crises have recurring elements and one of them is usually the arrival of opportunistic funds and investors. It is part of the logic of their business: they look for assets and businesses that lose part of their value in times of recession, they buy them cheaper, they inject capital into them and after time, […]

Real Estate Investments during crisis

There are many questions within the commercial real estate investment market as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. When will the market return to normal? If I have money tied up in real estate investments, can I use the capital to pay bills and my mortgage? It depends on whether it is on properties that have not […]

Blackstone: The largest Real Estate fund in history

The current situation does not stop one of the biggest players in the real estate scene. The American fund Blackstone has managed to raise 9.8 billion euros for which it has become the largest real estate fund in history. The US manager has announced its division Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe VI (BREP Europe VI). […]

Real Estate: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Although their activity of real estate agencies in recent weeks has decreased on average by around 60%, developers are trying to adapt to a situation that has turned garden homes into the most desired product and in which virtual visits, some in video game format, they are paying off. There has been a huge spike […]

Confidence for real estate investors during uncertain times

This is a time when things are unstable and there is a sense of unease floating in the air for investors. Each market segment is highlighted below, from a credit perspective. CMBS Markets (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities): This is an area of ​​loans for investment properties from 2 to 100 million in size. The format here […]

Real Estate Insights

The coronavirus has changed the way we live our daily lives and has wiped out countless business sectors, including the property market. Brokers, buyers and sellers fight powerfully to do business. Open houses, or at least circumscribed, are being phased out; Brokers are touring the properties through FaceTime for interested clients. And, in the suburbs, […]

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Complete building multiple uses in Seville

For Sale

Entire building located in one of the most popular and important neighborhoods in Seville. Actually is enabled in part as offices and the rest is rented to a company of communication facilities. The urban classification of the property is for Offices, Commercial and Hotels. Sale under the Sale & Lease regime with a guaranteed return […]

3365 m2
Complete building multiple uses in Barcelona.

For Sale

Complete building very well connected near the main avenues of Barcelona. The building was built in the middle of the last century and it is distributed in the basement, ground floor and three upper floors with a total built surface of 3250 m2. The type of property is classified for the following uses: Educational, sports, […]

3250 m2
Entire building in Madrid for Offices and Commercial Stores

For Sale

Entire building in Madrid very well connected with the city center and future financial and residential zone of Castellana Norte. Excelent communications by car and public transport (Metro and bus lines). The building has two floors with 2,982m2 without ground floor. The plot has an area of 1,579m2. The final uses that allows the building […]

2982 m2
Entire building in Madrid for Hotel or Offices

For Sale

Entire building in Madrid very well connected by car and public transport with metro connection and bus line. Very close to M-30. The building has 4 floor. It is partially enabled as offices and partly rented The plot allows Residential Use with an approximate building area of ​​2500 m2 above ground USES: The building allows […]

2500 m2
Complete building multiple uses in Valencia

For Sale

The building is located in Valencia. Excelent communications with the city center, very close to metro station and several bus stops in the nearby environment. The building has five floors (5000m2) and a ground floor (1000m2). The plot has an area of 1000 m2. Actually it´s partly rented and partly as office. The use allows […]

6000 m2
Complete building multiple uses in Valencia

For Sale

The building is located in the metropolitan area of Valencia with excelent communications by car (Very close to the V30 Highway). The plot on which the building is located is classified by the General Plan as Residential, it´s compatible wiyh commercial uses on the ground floor. Compatible with commercial uses on the ground floor. Sale […]

4971 m2


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