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Real Estate: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Real Estate: Virtual & Augmented Reality

Although their activity of real estate agencies in recent weeks has decreased on average by around 60%, developers are trying to adapt to a situation that has turned garden homes into the most desired product and in which virtual visits, some in video game format, they are paying off.

There has been a huge spike in Google searches for ‘buy home’ versus ‘buy flat’. People are looking for houses that have a large terrace or garden, or low ones with a garden.

Buyers will take their time, although contracts can be signed electronically, waiting to see how the situation evolves but the need is still there. To attract these clients, developers and marketers have increased their activity on social networks and digital platforms.

These days, virtual tours are also used that allow commercials to tell the customer what they are seeing from the screen of their home via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp, as well as virtual or augmented reality techniques for potential customers.

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